requirements of organic farming

requirements of organic farming
Organic farming is an agricultural use of natural concepts in the processing of their agricultural land, such as cleaning the land must be by mechanical means without the aid of chemicals, seeds used to be the caretaker assured homemade avoid chemicals, as well as a natural fertilizer must pemupukanpun such as fertilizer cage.

to obtain official permission of organic farming is not young. even though we've been doing organic systems, we still can not get organic certificate SNI, because there are requirements that need to go through first with a long enough period of time as well in order to obtain organic certification.

several requirements that must be passed to obtain organic certification ISO:

A. farmers have fenced farms with crops that are higher than the main crop.
aims to protect plants from pests, exposure to chemicals from the surrounding farms.

2. dig a trench around the organic farm
aims to keep water from flowing directly yng about organic farming, because it was feared bnyak contain chemicals.

3. have their own livestock
such as buffalo and other cattle, so that immediate response can take advantage of the stable manure.

4. mengguanakan direct water source area of organic farming itself.
aims to ensure the naturalness of the water itself.

5. using seedlings without treatment
maksutnya seeds without any chemicals, it is better to make your own seed.

Thus the conditions to obtain ISO certification. after the condition is done it will go to the last requirement, namely:
planting a regular basis for 1 year for vegetable crops.
and long-lived 2tahun for monthly crop such as corn, beans etc.
so organic tips from me, hopefully can help.

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