Tes Active and passive voices

Active and passive voices

Assignment 1

1.    Farmers in East Java plant teak (Tectona grandis).
2.    Agroforestry and its benefit to farmers in Jambi are being studied by scientists.
3.    Iron wood (Eusideroxylon zwagerii) are grown by the Department of Forestry in Senami restricted area.
4.    Root disease attacked my tomato plants.
5.    Flood destroys forty percent of rice field in Jambi.
6.    A total production loss of approximately 2 billions rupiah had been caused by the CVPD disease in 2000.
7.    Pesticide contaminates water in our area.
8.    Forestry Department will be opened by the Agricultural Faculty Unja next year.
9.    Coconut oil has been exported to China since 1998 by farmers in Tanjung Jabung.
10.  During harvest time, rice in the rice field are eaten by birds.

Assignment 2

Crop Protection Using Chemical Dusts
The problem of applying chemicals for crop protection is greater than of spreading fertilizers.  This is because a very small amount of active ingredient has to be applied to a large crop area, often to a particular part of the plant where it can be most effective.  These active materials are formulated for application in a number of ways.  However, dusting is the method which will be discussed in this passage.  In dusting, the finely ground active ingredient, is blended down with a local filler such as a talc or clay to give a dust, usually containing 2 – 4% of active ingredient.  This can be applied to the crops by hand dusters, tractor drawn dusters that blow the dust out through a boom, aircraft, or by drift dusting.  The characteristics of the finished blended dust should be determined by the method of application.  However, in the tropical area such as Indonesia, there is a limited choice of fillers.

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